The Long Creek Fire Department


The Long Creek Fire Protection District was founded in 1961 and officially began providing protection for the district in September of that year. At that time the department owned one emergency vehicle, a 1952 gasoline tank truck that had been converted to a fire truck, it held 1,000 Gal. of water and had a portable pump mounted on the tail board. A pumper was on order and arrived shortly after taking over the district. This was a 1961 pumper with a 650 Gal. of water and a 750 GPM pump. The Long Creek Fire Prot. Dist. was formed as a completely volunteer department and covered 55 square miles of territory. This territory is a combination of rural and urban with mostly residential type buildings. We were completely volunteer until April of 1987 when a full time Chief was hired. As of 1-1-2012 the department will have 2 full time employee a Chief and a Deputy Chief and 1 part time employee as Assistant Chief, the rest of the members are still volunteer. In it's first full year of operation, (1962), the department answered 52 emergency calls. We have added equipment and emergency calls steadily since that time and today have 7 emergency response vehicles, see Apparatus, and in 2020 answered 764 emergency call. Since the formation of the Fire Department we have responded to 16,165 Calls for service.



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